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Wndsn Telemeters

Wndsn Distance Nomographs: Low tech, high utility graphical distance computers from the Wndsn applied science lab

Wndsn Telemeter

Introducing Wndsn Telemeters

Wndsn Telemeter


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When navigating in adverse conditions, we need more than guesswork to get home safely. We specialise in ensuring successful rangefinding and local positioning in the majority of situations. The worst case model, based on our high frequency research, is a reality in which electricity and data networks aren't available or accessible.

At Wndsn, we ask ourselves what happens when the lights go out. We ask what we will need which can't be improvised. If electronics stop working, all our usual strategies and technological solutions are unavailable. Rangefinding can be improvised, but with the right tools we can improve the accuracy by one or even two orders of magnitude to make the difference between seeking and finding.

The solution is to go back before the age of electricity and look for tried and true knowledge that was good enough for generations. The answer is obvious: low tech.

Navies around the world still offer sextant training to their midshipmen, knowing that there is always a place for the art and science of low tech (but high utility) navigation. The sextant and its predecessors, traditional celestial navigation, surveying, triangulation, as well as analogue wayfinding techniques form the DNA of our Telemeters.

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