Wndsn Quadrant Telemeter Tutorials

Making the most out of our graphical telemetry computers.

Like with many complex instruments, there are multiple ways to solve certain problems and to measure the required inputs. Combining the various functions leads to a multitude of advanced uses.

Measuring the Depth of a Well

To determine the depth of a well, working on the assumption that the walls are parallel, we measure the width at the top and the angular size of the bottom or any sightable feature we are interested in. The same concept can be applied to tunnels, chimneys, as well as partial dimensions of natural or man-made structures.

Measuring the depth of a well.

Measuring the depth of a well. Width at the top: 3 ft; angular width at the base: 24°. Using the Telemeter nomograph, we have to input on the α scale (and divide the result by 4); and 3 ft on the S scale for a result of approx. 28/4 ft = 7 ft depth of the well. Note that the measurement result applies to the triangle starting at the vertex of the string on the instrument.

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