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Wndsn Quadrant Telemeter Tutorials

Making the most out of our graphical telemetry computers.

Like with many complex instruments, there are multiple ways to solve certain problems and to measure the required inputs. Combining the various functions leads to a multitude of advanced uses.

Measuring in the Dark

Level: Basic

For operation in low light, we have created a Telemeter model made from acrylic glass with laser-engraved scales that are visible in different levels of illumination -- the engraving changes the refraction index of the acrylic -- the scales appear light against a dark background and dark against a light background making it usable in a variety of adverse lighting conditions.

Measuring in the dark

For measurements where there is not enough light, a mini-chemlight can be attached to the Telemeter with a rubber band, to provide lateral illumination of the scales.

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