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Wndsn Telemeter Instructions

Telemeters setup, operation, and maintenance.

Many uses of the Telemeter are apparent after simple instructions, but some techniques require some in-depth practice and special attention to detail.

Brass instrument care

Regular cleaning and maintenance (to prevent or remove tarnish)

After every use: A microfiber cloth dipped in hot soapy water removes dirt and dust buildup. A toothbrush can help clean out holes and engravings. After wiping down the metal with a soapy cloth, rinse the item and dry it thoroughly.

Weekly: Wiping the tools with a little liquid ammonia (a solution of ammonium hydroxide) on a soft cloth will help keep the surfaces shiny. The metals look brighter and require less polishing if rubbed with a cloth moistened with olive oil after each cleaning. The olive oil retards tarnish.


To polish, you can use special commercial polish or anything lightly acidic - lemon, vinegar, or even tomato juice work well. Clean with soap and water afterwards. Not polishing will protect the metal by keeping the tarnish as a barrier to further corrosion and wear.

Heavy stains and corrosion

To remove heavy or uneven tarnish:

  • Wash in hot, soapy water
  • or a weak ammonia and water solution.
  • Dip a slice of fresh lemon into table salt,
  • or make a paste of flour, salt and vinegar.

Rub into and over the corroded area and thoroughly rinse with water afterwards.