Wndsn Telemeter Instructions

Telemeters setup, operation, and maintenance.

Many uses of the Telemeter are apparent after simple instructions, but some techniques require some in-depth practice and special attention to detail.


  1. Keep the string taut, for a distance of 57.3 cm from eye to object.
  2. Align the instrument's baseline to the base of the object to be measured.
  3. On the α scale, read the angular size at the upper bound of the object.
  4. Take down the instrument and now align the string with the determined value on the α scale.
  5. On the S scale, align the free end of the string to the known height.
  6. On the D scale, read the distance where the string crosses the scale.

Telemeter Operation

Example: The object measured is approx. 4.7° high; the known height of the object is 2 m; we read on the D scale a distance of approx. 24 m.

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