Wndsn Telemeter Advanced Tutorials

Making the most out of our graphical distance computers.

Extend the measuring range, jump the scales to areas with higher precision marks, or use the Telemeter for triangulation; position determination without a compass, or with only one line of positioning.

Extending the Scales

Versions of the Wndsn Telemeter measure up to 10° in angular size. What to do when the object is larger or closer than 10°? The answer is, knots. Prepare your string in a way that there are knots at 57.3/2 cm and 57.3/4 cm. Now, if you need to measure larger or closer objects, hold the instrument at the /2 knot and the engraved 10° becomes 20° (10*2); held at /4, the engraved 10° becomes 40° (10*4).

Extending the range with knots

Extending the range with knots.

Extending the range with knots

Setting knots at exact positions.

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