Wndsn Telemeter Advanced Tutorials

Making the most out of our graphical distance computers.

Extend the measuring range, jump the scales to areas with higher precision marks, or use the Telemeter for triangulation; position determination without a compass, or with only one line of positioning.

Long Range Distance Measuring

Accurate to about +/-50m at 3.5 km.

Wndsn Long range distance measuring

The radar dome measures at an angular size of ~0.3°, its actual diameter is ~18m (due diligence; know your landmarks!). On the Telemeter, we connect 3° and 1.8, shifting the decimal points to cross the center scale as perpendicular as possible (Wndsn string theory) and derive as a result a value of 35 as the distance. Shifting back the decimal points yields 3500m, which is about 2.2 miles as cross-checked via Google Maps. Operational note: The relative heft of the brass device came in helpful on the roof in heavy winds while holding it steady for measurements as accurate as possible as well as in between when kept laying open for calculations.

Wndsn Long range distance measuring in mil or moa

For angular sizes below 0.5°, the Wndsn Mil/Moa Calculator increases the precision by allowing to directly input and calculate in mil or moa. (30 moa or minutes of arc = 0.5°)

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