Wndsn Quadrant Telemeters

Description and use.

The Wndsn Quadrant Telemeter is a simple observational tool for measuring angles via various inputs combined with a number of means to directly process the acquired values.

Initial Quadrant Telemeter Setup

String Preparation

Where to knot the string.

Where to knot the string.

  • To install, knot the string to the device through the provided hole.
  • Add knots at 57.3/2 and 57.3/3.
  • Measure a length of 57.3 cm (22.56 inches) from eye to device.
  • Make a small loop at the end to fasten the plumb line weight; for measuring distances, hold onto the string with your teeth or hold the respective knot up to eye level.

Installing the Cursor

The cursor is a sliding marker on the string, used to store a value or to project from one scale to another. To install, overhand-knot a small piece of different-colored string to the measuring string before the first distance knot.

Positioning the Knots

How to position a knot at an exact measurement on a string.

How to set the knots at the exact measurements. From left to right: insert the tip of the awl into the knot; thread piece of string through knot; slide knot laterally to its position; remove awl and tighten knot.

  1. Make an overhand knot and guide an awl, needle, or equivalent through the loop.
  2. Optionally, or for very thin string (below 0.35 mm), thread a short piece of string through the loop.
  3. Carefully tighten the knot around the awl and the extra piece of string and slide the knot laterally along the string, using a ruler, to the intended position.
  4. Fully tighten the knot and remove the awl. You now have a knot determining an exact length. Use different color of string for the extra thread for additional marking purposes.

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