Wndsn Quadrant Telemeter: The Telemeter Side

The Telemeter side hosts a set of scales to measure angular size as well as a nomogram to determine distance or altitude from the measured values.

Feature Overview

Wndsn Telemeter Device Overview

The Telemeter consists of a tablet engraved with high precision scales and instructions in icon form, plus a string for measurement alignment and to perform calculations. (The Telemeter shown is an expedition model 10x10x1000.)

The parts:

  • Scales
    • Linear α scale; to measure angular size and input values into the nomogram
    • Linear S scale; to set the known dimensions of the object to be measured
    • Logarithmic D scale; to read the calculated distance at the position where the string is crossing
  • Instructions
    • Icon for setting eye-to-scale distance via string length
    • Icon to demonstrate nomogram use
    • Main nomogram equation, showing the connection between scale and string distance
    • Icon illustrating the equation
  • Other engravings
    • Wndsn tool mark
    • Wndsn 'made this'
    • Wndsn Perpetual Explorer crest

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